In general, the difference between ‘antique’ and ‘vintage’ relates to the age of an item. With respect to rugs, it is commonly assumed that rugs at least 100 years old are antique while rugs that are between 50-80 years old are vintage (or semi-antique).

Distressed vintage rugs are items that celebrate the faded, age-worn look that textiles acquire over time. It is possible to find distressed rugs that have naturally become faded through use and time, however, some vintage rugs have been carefully ‘distressed‘ through shearing, washing and sun drying.

Abrash coloration refers to the changes in shades and hues within a rug. It is very common that authentic handmade rugs display changes in colors because of different strength of natural dye, differences in the dyeing process of hand-spun yarn, or as a result of natural aging.

There are multiple factors that influence the price of vintage or antique rugs such as age, materials, weaving techniques, condition and uniqueness of the item. As a consequence, it is impossible to designate a price for sqft as in the case of machine-made contemporary rugs.

All our rugs have been professionally cleaned and are ready to be used in your home. For minor stains, we recommend that you use a damp cloth to gently remove the stain. For larger stains, we recommend that you see a professional cleaner.